EsiLaw and Cosmolex

We are Cosmolex Certified Accounting Partner.

We are certified EsiLaw Consultants.

We can help setup your practice to get the best Return on Investments, minimise downtime and maximise mobility, while safeguarding your data as you grow your business using a fully supported Accounting software.

A business can have significant investment in I.T. especially in an Accounting Software. As a business owner you aim to derive the best business value.

Information Technology is an ever changing landscape. New threats emerge, new marketing opportunities open that can be leveraged to enhance your business and add clientèle. A proper strategy is required to effectively use the tools of today and be successful!

We provide quality, value-added consulting services that enhances your IT investments and operations and derives the best possible strategic objectives and business requirements while working to remove risk.

Information Technology Services

  • Accounting Software set-up

    • EsiLaw, Cosmolex, QuickBooks, Wave Accounting, Sage 50 etc.
  • Chart of Accounts set-up

    • Customise the Chart of Accounts to suit your company’s needs.
      • Many businesses simply use the default Chart of Accounts, this limits the flexibility of a company to fully utilise the power of an Accounting Software.
  • Vendor engagements

    • Customizations and Project Management
  • Other related services

    • Consultation Services

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